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Cash on delivery

If you like to play it safe when it comes to payment processing, simply make use of our cash-on-delivery service. It's easy, quick and safe too, thanks to the automatic insurance against loss and damage up to the C.O.D. amount specified. We will only deliver your parcel in return for immediate payment - with a maximum amount of 7,000 € (cash). We can also organise regular batch transfers. Daily, weekly, every two weeks - however you prefer.

Financial life cycle
When your C.O.D. parcel reaches the collection depot, all the relevant data is immediately recorded and sent on to the delivery depot. As soon as the C.O.D. amount has been paid in at the delivery depot, the remaining stages of the financial transaction are automatically activated.
You can follow the digitalised financial life cycle here on the DPD website with the Tracking function. This creates transparency and security along the whole route of your C.O.D. parcel, right up to the point where the money is transferred to your account.

C.O.D. parcel label
Please tick the box on the C.O.D. parcel label to indicate the required method of payment - "cash" or "crossed cheque" - and enter the C.O.D. amount next to it.