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Predict - we delivery the parcel when it’s convenient.

With DPD’s Predict service you put your consignees in charge of their shipment, enabling them to decide when the parcel is to be delivered. This is a real convenience, which ensures satisfied customers even before they receive the parcel.

First the consignee is informed that the parcel is on its way and will probably be delivered the next day. If this is convenient nothing needs to be done.

If it isn't convenient the following options for changing the delivery arrangements are available: 

  • Giving DPD permission to deposit the parcel.
  • Selecting a Pickup parcelshop: the parcel is held there for 10 days before it is returned to the consignor.
  • Selecting a neighbor: we deliver to a neighbor of the consignors choice
  • Changing the place of delivery: we deliver the parcel to a different address, for example that of a friend or the consignee's place of work.
  • Changing the day: up to 6 days by email, up to 3 days by SMS.

On the day of delivery itself we inform the consignee when the parcel will arrive (with a time window of up to 2 hours).