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There's nothing easier. Parcel shipping with DPD.

Thanks to the latest conveyor and sorting installations your DPD parcels automatically travel first class. In spite of this, to ensure trouble-free shipping the packaging has to be sufficiently robust and tightly sealed to protect the contents from unauthorised access. In some cases, such as DPD wine logistics, special cartons may be necessary.

Your parcel should be packed correctly for transport and be suitable for processing on automatic sorting conveyors.

Some goods cannot be shipped with DPD. These include live animals, firearms and particularly valuable goods, such as precious metals and precious stones. For comprehensive information on the excluded goods and on shipping with DPD, please check our General Terms of Business.

Your parcel can weigh up to 31.5 kg and the combined dimensions (longest side + circumference) can be max. 300 cm. In addition the max. length can be 175 cm (longest side).

The DPD girth and volumetric weight calculator will help you to check the relevant weights and sizes.

Hazardous goods
Parcels are only accepted for transport with hazardous goods which meet the conditions of one of the following ADR exemptions. This is also subject to the DPD General Terms of Business, which also apply. For further information call your Depot. 

  • Reifenversand Leitfaden (591.90 kB)