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Weight & dimensions

Whether you are using Express or Classic service, you will find the permitted weights and sizes for DPD parcel shipping and mailing here:


Length: max. 175 cm (longest side)

Girth: max. 300 cm

Weight: max. 31,5 kg



Minimum dimensions

Standard dimensions*

Maxi size


from 50 g

to 31.5 kg

to 35 kg


from 14.8 cm

to 1.75 m

to 2.20 m

Overall dimensions


to 3.00 m

to 4.00 m


from 1 cm




from A6
(14.8x10.5 cm)




If your parcel meets one
 of the above criteria, it
can be shipped with DPD.

Up to these limits your
 parcel will be shipped
as a standard parcel.

A surcharge is made on
 the parcel price for the
 Maxi supplementary

*There are special conditions for shipment abroad: DPD EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL parcels have to meet the standard dimensions.


The calculators. Easy to use.

With the DPD combined length and girth and volume weight calculator, you can quickly and simply determine whether your parcel has the admissible combined length and girth or whether parcels are billed according to volume weight.

Maximal combined dimensions

National shipping

400 cm

International shipping

300 cm

Equation: 2 x height + 2 x width + longest side


Air freight is billed on the basis of volume weight if this exceeds the actual weight in kg. The volume weight is determined by how much space a parcel uses in relation to its weight and is calculated by the following equation according to the TACT Rules of IATA (International Air Transport Association):


Equation: length x width x height in cm / 5000

DPD Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

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Your parcel is longer than the max. permitted length of 175 cm (longest side). We regret that it will not be possible to ship your parcel.

Your parcel is bigger than the max. permitted combined dimensions of 300 cm. We regret that it will not be possible to ship your parcel.

To calculate the combined dimensions and volumetric weight of your parcel please complete the following three fields:

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Width cm
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