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Movement certificates.

Switzerland has concluded free trade agreements with various countries and groups of countries. These agreements confer preferential treatment (tariff reductions or exemptions) on certain goods if they meet the agreed origination conditions and if documentary proof of origin can be presented. This documentation must be presented to the customs office together with the customs declaration.

The following are accepted as documentary proof of origin:

  • EUR 1 movement certificate
  • EUR-MED movement certificate
  • Declaration of origin on the invoice for shipments of originating goods whose value does not exceed the limits set out in the agreements (factory gate price)
  • Declaration of origin on the invoice if prepared by an approved exporter

The movement certificate serves as proof of preferential origin for goods produced in the European Union or EFTA.

Binding information about origination rules is available from the District Customs Directorates in Basel, Schaffhausen, Geneva and Lugano, the Customs Inspectorates in Zurich and Kreuzlingen and the service unit in St. Gallen, as well as from the Origination and Textiles Department of the Directorate General of Customs.