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Domestic shipping

Our countrywide service offers you as a business a range of benefits - above all fast, reliable and CO2-neutral shipping.

International shipping

Do you supply customers around the world? We'll deliver your parcels to the right addresses reliably and fast - in more than 230 countries.

Are you expecting
a parcel?

At all times before delivery you can track your parcel. Just fill in the 14 digit number, which should be sent to you by the consignor. Besides tracking your parcel you can also oversee the delivery process.

Enter the My DPD

My DPD is a web app for our customers with an assigned customer number. It allows ordering our transport, printing the parcel labels or adding the information about both the parcel and the consignee. If you are already our customer, but you haven't been given the login details, just e-mail us at and we'll send it to you right away.

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