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What do we do to ensure our employees' satisfaction?

We support family life

We are trying to synchronize work and family life of our employees at every stage of life and in every age range. In 2013, we received the Family & Employment Audit certificate. At the beginning of 2014, we applied for the Family Friendly Company contest.

We grow and develop

Our company's growth is derived primarily from the growth of our staff. Therefore, we all regularly train and educate ourselves. Such approach is waiting for you at any position at DPD.

Already in 2010-2012 we used the aid funds of the European Union for our internal training. We cooperate with external training companies to help push ourselves further.

Since we are a member of an international network we put a strong emphasis on improving the English skills of our employees. If you are gifted with multiple language skills, get ready to put them in practice on projects of international scope.

We encourage team spirit

We organize both formal and informal events. You can meet your colleagues not only at work and regular conferences and workshops, but also at for example during our company-wide weekend trip and other team building events.

Every year we organize a Children's Day or a Pre-Christmas Kindergarten, where we clear our minds from work, all together regardless of age.

Have your say

We regularly organize employee surveys. We'll ask for your opinion on:

  • working environment,
  • mutual communication and cooperation,
  • your motivation and personal development,
  • communication and feedback from your supervisor or DPD management
  • and other topics.

The perks of being our employee

We get not only a salary. We always add something extra:

  • food stamps,
  • contributions to your transportation,
  • contributions to culture and sport in the form of so-called Unicheques,
  • a contribution to your pension,
  • an extra week of vacation.

We give extra vacation to our long-term employees and provide them with discounts from our partners and other benefits.

You may even get a gift

We don't forget birthdays and life anniversaries. We also think of Christmas and Easter as an opportunity to celebrate.

Revision Date: May 24, 2018