Your delivery experts

We care for nature and society we live in.

Our efforts can be divided into three main areas: nature, our employees and society.

The planet and the environment

We care about nature both locally and globally. We set out on a journey to fight the greenhouse effect. We are reducing our own CO2 emissions and investing in the reconstruction of damaged areas on Earth. We pay attention to what we leave behind and throw away. And what about you?

Our people

We want to create a pleasant working environment. Only then we can grow motivated, loyal and professional employees. Every day we move our company culture to a higher level. Each employee progressively engages in other business processes in order to be able to identify him/herself with our corporate strategy.

The society around us

Our vision of delivering joy goes far beyond the logistics. As it happens, we are happy when someone else is happy. Therefore, we help disadvantaged groups and support interesting projects.