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Where and how do we help?

We support Světluška (NGO)

We support Světluška (in eng.: "lightning bug") since its birth in 2003. Světluška is a long term project of the Czech Radio Station Foundation based on solidarity and good will of those who want to help blind people and people with vision disorder.

We take care of the transportation of fund-raising goods. This means that our couriers transport items for volunteers to various schools throughout the Czech Republic.

Since 2013, we also support a night run event “Noční běh pro Světlušku”, a fund-raising in September called “V září Světlušky září” (in eng.: "Lightning bugs shine in September) and the Cafe in the Dark event. We provide a free of charge transport of all materials for these events.

Along with Arkádie we help disabled people

The people in Arkádie are doing a respectable job. They support a dignified and fulfilling lives of children and adults with disabilities. Arkádie works with these people (from the Ústí nad Labem region) in their natural habitat and in cooperation with their families.

We began to promote their work in 2012 in the form of free-of-charge transport of products from/to Arkádie's workshops. These products are for instance small car parts.

We try to help in any way we can:

  • we send to Arkádie the raffle proceeds from our corporate events
  • our employees buy products from Arkádie's workshops during our Christmas Fair
  • when possible we contribute with one-off donations

Can you abstain something in order to help others?

Every year since 2011 before Christmas we organize a charity fundraiser for Světluška and Arkádie. We use for it our web app through which anyone can give up on the little things they don't need (coffee, pie, a piece of clothes) and send the money worth to our fundraiser instead.

We support running and local projects

In 2013 we were the logistics partner of all run races of the running league RunCzech.

In the fall of 2014, we supported footrace CEZ City Trail Run.

We also supported a charity fundraiser Červenobílé dny (Red-and-White Days) organized by the society for deaf and blind (LORM).