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At DPD we believe delivering parcel can bring joy to people. This principle is well-rooted in each department of our company. We do our best to stay closely connected with you and your customers at all times. That is what makes us true delivery experts.


Miloš Malaník
Managing Director

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David Žežulka
Sales & Marketing Director

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Michal Pokorný
IT, Projects and Internal Administration Director

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Lenka Doutnáčová
Finance Director

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Lenka Miess
HR Director 

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Our name is Direct Parcel Distribution but we mostly go by DPD. We founded our company already in 1976 and in 1994, we came to the Czech market. Just one year later we became a full-fledged member of the international network DPD.


Today we are a part of a multinational DPDgroup (along with Intelink Express, SEUR and Chronopost), which holds the second highest rank on the European parcel delivery market.DPDgroup is the international parcel delivery network of GeoPost, a wholly-owned subsidiary of France's La Poste.


Within our delivery network we transport each day 4 million packages worldwide. We reached this figure thanks to our perfectly functioning international network that connects over 830 depots in more than 40 countries. Our 60 000 employees and 18 000 couriers care for over 300 000 corporate customers every day.


We are also constantly growing here in the Czech Republic. In 2017 we recorded 650 employees. We deliver shipments at home and abroad, and we have one central nationwide hub (HUB in Prague) and 13 regional depots. We cover every corner of the Czech Republic.

How we started delivering joy?

One day in 1976 Germany, 18 forwarders put their heads together. They came up with a uniform system of transport shipments that would be easy-to-use for the customer and at the same time it would provide superior services for corporate clients. And that is how DPD was founded.


It turned out that it was a good idea

Demand for an alternative to post and rail transport was huge. Already the first year of our life we transported 1.4 million shipments. In 1980, even 7 million.


We have great memories of the eighties

In the mid 80's we climbed to the leadership in the German market of delivery services. Gradually we added several new products and services... until it happened. August 30, 1995 a parcel no. 1000 000 000 passed through our central HUB! This was a beginning of another successful stage.


We went international

We have built an international transportation network that is constantly expanding and thickens. In 2001 we joined forces with the GeoPost group and together we fall under the French post LaPoste. As a result, today we can deliver the joy on all sides of the globe.


We deliver joy 4,8 million times a day

Daily we transport over 4,8 million parcels worldwide. And tomorrow, maybe a few more. We are constantly improving and growing. Thanks to the international status of bringing to market new services in response to specific requirements. We continue to hold on to our mind-set: Being closely connected with you and deliver your parcels as quickly and comfortably as possible. After years of experience, today we enable every consignee to be in charge of his/her parcel and to control it on the way to delivery.

Revision Date: May 24, 2018

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