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How to send a parcel abroad with Cash on Delivery?

Enable your customer to pay for the parcel at the time of delivery. Our courier can collect up to 2 500 € from the consignee.

We provide Cash on Delivery in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

We'll transfer you the collected amount as soon as we can after the delivery. See the table below for exact time periods of money transfers (Information about Cash on Delivery and COD accounts for individual countries).

In Slovakia, we provide also credit card payments on delivery (if you enable the consignee this option in advance).

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards.

If you're interested in enabling the credit card payment on delivery to your consignee/s, talk to our sales representatives about the separate or joint COD refund.

1. Order the transport service you'd like and add "Cash on Delivery“.


2. On the day of parcel collection, send us the C.O.D. data. You have a few options to do that:

  • via the SSA or My DPDs, which can send the data automatically,
  • or go to and fill in all needed gaps until 8pm,
  • or send us an Excel form to [email protected] until 8pm.

3. We'll deliver the parcel and collect the appropriate amount of money from the consignee.


4. After the parcel delivery we'll issue a payment order so you receive the appropriate amount on your bank account. We transfer money from countries of delivery, and therefore it is necessary to keep in mind the rules for using our accounts (see the information about Cash on Delivery and COD accounts in individual countries below).

Max. Amount for COD

Currency for the COD, nationality of the consignor's bank account

Bank account from which we issue the order for refund

How long does it take us us to issue a bank order?

Slovakia: 2 500 EUR (according to up-to-date rate)

EUR, Slovak/Czech account


2 working days

Poland: 2 500 EUR (according to up-to-date rate)

PLN, Polish account

IBAN:PL56 1050 0086 1000 0023 4777 4198

4-8 working days

Hungary: 2 500 EUR (according to up-to-date rate)

HUF, Hungarian account


IBAN:HU61 1091 8001 0000 0005 6251 0049

2 working days

Revision Date: May 31, 2018