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Dear costumers,

As of 1.8.2019 the following limitation came into effect, capping the amount of cash payments at delivery per one address in the Czech Republic at maximum of CZK 70 000.

For payments with a card, the maximum amount remains at CZK 200 000.


What benefits you can make use of?

  • We collect the parcel at your place and deliver it to your customer by the next working day. Within the whole Czech Republic.
  • Since we understand that one cannot be home at all times, we always attempt to deliver your parcel up to 3 times. If we cannot reach the consignee at his place even for the third time, we take the parcel back to you.
  • We notify the consignee about the date via e-mail/SMS based on which contact information you provide us. The same day we actually deliver we precise the time delivery within 1 hour time range.
  • Our unique web application DPD Courier is ready to be used by your customers. This app enables your customers to change various settings including the time and date of delivery so that it fully suits their needs. In this application customers can also redirect their parcel to one from almost 1 000 Pickup point, add a back-up address or postpone the delivery for more than 10 days. They can also monitor the driver and see how many addresses are left before the parcel reaches them.
  • We also enable your customer to track the delivery process online.
  • You can then check if we really delivered the parcel. Just go to our Tracking tool.
  • We insure each and every parcel up to 50 000 CZK. You know, just in case.

Our web app DPD Kurýr

Once we send your customers the login details they get a complete control over the delivery.


DPD Kurýr provides them with important information about the parcel, payment methods and more.


Your customers can even change the address and the term of delivery and send the appropriate courier a message.


The day we are supposed to deliver the parcel, we inform the consignee with the one hour delivery prediction as we understand that time is precious and we try to maximise our efficiency. We also notify the consignee about estimated time of delivery in advance.


Information at every step

We send your customer login details to the web application DPD Kurýr one day before delivery via an e-mail/SMS.


When the delivery day comes, we notify the consignee about a one-hour slot when to expect our courier.


In case we don't catch the consignee at the appropriate address twice, we'll call him and arrange a more suitable term. If the customer somehow misses the third term of delivery, we'll bring the parcel back to you.


We continuously update our website for private customers based on what's most interesting to them. We believe they find here all they need.


We accept both cash and credit cards on delivery. Each one of our couriers carries a payment terminal.

We still have something extra for you. The DPD Private product can be further enriched with one of the additional services.


Cash on Delivery

Your customers can pay for their parcels also to our couriers. They can choose between cash or credit card payment based on what you allow them when they order.


We'll wire you the amount our courier takes over to the third working day after delivery. In case of Express Cash on Delivery (C. O. D) we will do so already the next working day.


Higher Insurance

Do you need to transport a parcel of great value, say more than 50 000 CZK? Use our additional insurance that covers everything up to 500 000 CZK. You can order it here. We can insure even more than that, but we'll just have to discuss it privately. In such case please let us know at [email protected]


Collection Request

We can collect the parcel at any address you tell us to. Then we'll deliver it to the standard collection address (i.e. where we usually pick up your parcels).


Third Party Delivery

We can collect your parcel at any address. Just tell us if we're supposed to take it to your customer or to one of your branches. In case you have a part of your goods in external storages or you want to ship something from an unusual place, this service will be the perfect fit for you.


Exchange Service

It is ideal if you'd like to exchange goods with your customer e.g. when dealing with a warranty claim for repairs or replacements. 

Basically, you have two options:

1. If you are not registered as our customer and therefore don't have a customer number, you can order our transportation at [email protected] or +420 225 373 373. You can also stop by at on of our depots, where we'll take good care of your parcel.


2. Are you a registered customer with a customer number? Simply go to the My DPD and order what you please. If you still don't have access to this app just write us at [email protected] and we'll send you the login details.

Revision Date: October 31, 2018

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