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The size and parameters of a parcel

Proportions and weight differ with every service, especially when you're shipping within the Czech Republic or internationally. We set the maximum allowed weight and proportions so all parcels would fit in our delivery vans and we could still move them around. Does your parcel meet these proportions? 

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What is the right packaging for your parcel?

Make sure your packaging is secure and strong enough to withstand our automated sorting and transport. You can do that by choosing a firm packaging (a normal cardboard box will do just fine) and bracing the inside of the package, so nothing shakes inside when the package is moved around.

More about packaging

What is excluded from our transport?

We don't carry parcels that look damaged at first sight, if their parameters and weight exceed our limits, or if they contain colors and glues. We also don't transport live animals, weapons and valuable goods (precious metals, stones and the like). You can find the full list of things we excluded from our transport (including those prohibited by the law) in our GTC.

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How to label a parcel and where to get the labels?

You can get our shipping labels either from our courier at the time of parcel collection or simply print them yourself when ordering our transport. Stick the label on the upper part of the packaging and peel off any old labels. Fill in the following: the consignee information, your (consignor's) information, number of pieces and the date of shipment.

More about the labeling

How to order our transport?

If you order one day in advance, it's still enough. Our courier will come for your parcel the next working day. The courier will either bring you parcel labels or just check how you marked your parcel. Ways of ordering our transport vary according to whether you have a client number or not.

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How to get an overview of the parcel's movement?

You can track your parcel whenever you come to our website. Right on the homepage you will find our Tracking tool. After entering the 14 figure parcel label number, you'll find out where is the parcel at the moment and if it has been already delivered.

Track your parcel

How do we deliver?

Our courier can collect a parcel and deliver it in 2 working days. Once the consignee checks if the delivered parcel is in order, our courier will ask for his/her signature. In case of Cash on Delivery the courier will take over the appropriate amount. Then we will transfer the money to your account.

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Revision Date: May 24, 2018