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What cannot be in the parcels?

To ensure that our delivery services are safe, we cannot afford to transport everything.

  • Parcels that are visibly damaged.
  • Parcels that do not correspond to our shipping parameters.
  • Parcels the package of which does not correspond to their weight and parameters.
  • Parcels which are by their content, nature, appearance and their way of possession and shipping in violation of the law.
  • Parcels containing tyres cannot be shipped by the Pickup service.
  • Parcels containing cans with chemicals, combustibles or corrosives.
  • Parcels containing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone due to a defective battery which can cause spontaneous combustion.


Parcels containing:


  • goods of a particularly high financial value.
  • goods that can cause damage to property and health.
  • paints, glues and other liquid substances. We cannot risk their spilling or leakage.


You can find the detailed list and description of types of shipments we do not transport on our website: General Terms and Conditions.

Dangerous items


  • Chemicals and acid-forming, corrosive, volatile and irritating substances
  • Pressure vessels (however, cosmetics, SodaStream chargers and cleaning agents are allowed unless they contain the above mentioned substances).
  • Car batteries
  • Weapons (including D category)
  • Pyrotechnics


Unsuitable for system cargo


  • Any type of goods which need a temperature regulated environment during their shipping (e.g. frozen and perishable food, medical material).
  • Living or dead animals and other living organisms
  • Plants, trees and seeds
  • Devices with operating fluids (lawn movers or saws containing petrol)
  • Any cans irrespective of their contents
  • Big car parts (wind shields, exhaust pipes, doors)


Not recommended, but an exception can be granted in case of proper packaging


  • Paints, oils, softeners and other safe liquids up to 5 litres
  • Food in glass (under the condition that it does not require temperature regulation)


Excluded items, but shipped on a common basis


  • Cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning agents
  • Thick ceramic, glass and porcelain products
  • Alcohol (except sparkling alcohol, as it is a pressure vessel)
  • assuming that the packaging is approved and the exception is granted


Unpackable items


  • Thin glass and ceramics (including fluorescent lamps)
  • Food in plastics and Tetra Pak
  • Statues and stoneware
  • safe shipping cannot be ensured due to the nature and packaging of the items


If you need a consultation regarding these conditions, please contact us at [email protected] or contact your sales representative.

Revision Date: May 24, 2018