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Our courier hands over the package and in the case of Cash on Delivery takes care of the payment too.

The consignee signs that he/she received the parcel onto a scanning device or on the so-called delivery line-up. The courier then ads the exact time of delivery and the name of the consignee and he's good to go. You can check online if and when we delivered your parcel. Just talk to our sales representative to provide you with a login to our system.

When receiving the delivery the recipient has every right to check if the parcel is in order. If something is damaged, this is how we solve it:


  • If the recipient already unwrapped the package in front of the courier and discovered the damage, he is supposed to fill in a Damage Report on the spot with our courier. Once it is done, we'll notify you and you can talk to the consignee about replacement or money refund.


  • If the recipient has found any damages on the parcel after our courier left, he is under an obligation to fill in the Damage Report or ask us to do that for him within 2 days. Settling the complaint depends, again, on your individual agreement with the consignee.


You find more informationa and detailed procedure here.

Revision Date: May 24, 2018