Your delivery experts

Proper parcel marking means proper delivery

Each consignment must be:

  • marked with a parcel label
  • marked with ONLY 1 label

Please use tape so it doesn't overlap the parcel label.

It depends on how you order our transport:


  • You can print the labels yourself if you are using My DPD app 
  • The courier will bring it to you (order via our online form or by e-mail or a phone call)
  • If you already have printed labels just fill them by hand.

1 preprinted label costs 0,60 CZK. You can order them at [email protected].


Please fill in:

  • address and phone number of the consignee
  • address and telephone number of the consignor
  • information about the weight
  • information about the pieces of parcels directed to one consignee
  • date of dispatch of the parcel


Each pre-printed shipping label has 3 copies. Each copy fulfills its function:

  • 1st copy of the label is self-adhesive. Stick it on a visible place on the packaging.
  • 2nd copy of the label give to the courier at the time of parcel collection.
  • 3rd copy of the label serves only the consignor as a confirmation of takeover (e.g. if he needed it for the consignee).

Revision Date: May 24, 2018