Introducing the Total Zero principle.

Total Zero is the carbon neutrality commitment from DPD. In an industry first, DPD ensures that every parcel is sent carbon neutral – and at no extra cost to the customer. It has been available to customers in six of DPD's major markets since July 2012. This year (2013) sees the programme extend its reach further across Europe to customers in ten additional markets.
Global carbon neutral parcel shipping.
DPD takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Under the Responsibility programme, DPD is committed to reducing the impact of its business on the planet. The company has identified CO2 reduction as both the greatest challenge the company faces and its greatest opportunity to make a difference.
By using its road network to deliver parcels in Europe, DPD already produces significantly less carbon than its competitors. However, parcel transportation still generates a significant amount of carbon. Over 90% of its emissions are generated by transporting parcels, with the remainder generated by buildings and packaging.
DPD and its parent company La Poste have implemented a measurement scheme for carbon emissions and are constantly working to reduce the CO2 they produce. 



This work is carried out through a series of ‘insetting’ measures. These are initiatives designed to help lower the organisation’s carbon footprint under the umbrella of a longstanding group-wide responsibility strategy. They include a wide range of domestic and international projects and activities.
DPD has been offsetting the remaining CO2 emissions generated in major European markets (generated through transport, buildings, packaging sold by DPD and paper consumption) since July 2012 through investment by its parent company La Poste and in partnership with CDC Climat. CDC Climat is a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts (a French financial institution controlled by the French parliament). It was established as a long-term investor to tackle climate change.
Offsetting projects meet pre-agreed criteria including technological diversity, project type and geographic spread and must also have been certified by at least one or more carbon standard or label. Selected Offsetting projects are located in France, Colombia and Cambodia.

Insetting and Offsetting initiatives.

Learn more about our initiatives on our country market websites.
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