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Know-how transfer northwards

Colleagues from Finland visit Germany

In April some Finnish colleagues visited Depot 180 Neufahrn in order to gain an insight into operations at one of Germany's largest depots. Otto Puttonen, Operations Director DPD Finland, and Antti Järvinen, Process & Quality Manager DPD Finland, were accompanied by Jürgen Otto, DPD GmbH Project Manager and Jasmin Irianni, who has temporarily taken over his responsibilities as Franchise System Coordinator.

Learning from a large depot

In Finland 16 depots and 2 HUBs are in operation. In addition to parcel operations the portfolio of DPD Finland also covers pallet shipments and warehousing. Our Finnish colleagues were therefore looking forward to obtaining ideas for optimisations in their daily operations from their visit to a German depot with inbound and outbound operations as well as a consolidation centre (KK).

In the evening the guests inspected the outbound shift, followed by the inbound shift the next morning. There was a lively exchange of information between the depot personnel and our Finnish colleagues, with the visitors showing particular interest in such factors as the handling of hazardous goods and operating the MDU devices, as well as the specifications of the DPD system manuals. The visitors were particular impressed by the large quantities which are processed on a daily basis at the Neufahrn depot. After work a snack of 'Weißwurst' followed by dinner in the evening and a visit to a popular Munich fair provided plenty of opportunity for everyone to get to know each other personally, too.

"An inspiring experience"

Our Finnish colleagues began their journey back to Vantaa with a wealth of new ideas and personal contacts. "It is impressive to experience the way in which huge parcel volumes are processed at DPD in Germany. We spoke with many DPD colleagues from different sections of the company, both at the Neufahrn Depot and at DPD head office. The comprehensive information we receive about DPD's processes will be a great help to us in carrying out our plans in Finland", is the verdict of Otto Puttonen. Antti Järvinen adds: "Talking with DPD colleagues in Germany was an inspiring experience. It provided us with lots of good ideas and tips which we can put into action in Finland." The successful visit by our Finnish colleagues will further reinforce an already successful cooperation. "We normally communicate only by e-mail and telephone, so it's great to have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues in person", confirms Jasmin Irianni .