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Packaging and labeling

While packaging the parcel, it should be kept in mind that the parcel must be secured for transport. The parcel must be protected from any influences that may arise in connection with automated sorting, climate conditions and mechanical handling. Please make sure that the content of the shipment is not prohibited for transport. Check out DPD standard terms here

Maximum weight for courier parcel is up to 31,5 kg. Sum of the longest side and the bottom perimeter up to 300 cm, longest side maximum 175 cm.

The DPD girth and volumetric weight calculator below this text will help you find out quickly and simply if your parcel is within the limit for combined dimensions.

Packaging instructions

Pricing of pallets and oversized shipments

Additional labels




Minimum quantity per order

Label "Fragile"

7,50 EUR/roll

1 roll (~250 pieces)

Label "This Way Up"

7,50 EUR/roll

1 roll (~250 pieces)

Additional service "Inner building delivery" tape

1,50 EUR/roll

5 rolls

Additional serivce "Saturday delivery" tape

1,50 EUR/roll

5 rolls

Additional service "DPD express" tape

1,50 EUR/roll

5 rolls

Parcel label adhesive papers (4/A4)

49 EUR/box

1 box (~1000 sheets)

Document pocket (format A6)

39 EUR/box

1 box (~1000 pieces)

Cardboard security envelope (measurements 400x310 mm/ weight limit: max. 500 g)

35 EUR/box

1 box (170 pieces)

Film bubble wrap security envelope (measurements 320x470 mm/ weight limit: max. 5 kg)

10,50 EUR/box

1 box (25 pieces)

  • Please make your order via e-mail: [email protected]. Subject: “SHIPPING MATERIALS”.
  • Orders are delivered within 4 working days. 
  • No extra fee is charged for delivery.
  • A minimum order amount is applied. An order that is smaller than the minimum will be fulfilled if possible and the client will be charged for delivery according to the transport price applied to the client. 
  • Prices are without VAT.
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