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Pickup service for e-retailers

Pickup service is directed at online shops and other businesses who are looking for a reliable and renowned partner to ensure the satisfaction of clients through fast and professional parcel delivery all over Europe.


What possibilities does Pickup offer?

  • To interface your online shop so that clients can select a Pickup parcel shop or locker as the point of delivery for the the goods.
  • To send parcels to Pickup points all over the Baltics.
  • To choose whether to hand the consignment over to a courier or to take it to a Pickup point yourself for the same price.
  • Cash on delivery as an additional service for clients, which means that the buyer pays for the goods upon receipt.


Why offer Pickup as the mode of delivery in your online shop?

  • The combined network of parcel shops and lockers provides access possibility to places where the installation of parcel lockers would be unreasonable due to low population density. Manned parcel shops and self-service parcel lockers function as a whole. Thus providing various competitive advantages and flexibility regarding the scope of the network as well as the parcel delivery preferences of the final consumer.
  • Hybrid service – for ensuring the recommended temperature. This means that the recipient can select the most suitable delivery option from the network in very cold or hot seasons.  The Pickup parcel shops are located indoors and the parcel lockers outdoors.
  • Fast and flexible The parcels are delivered to a Pickup point on the day they were sent or the next working day by latest. The Pickup parcel shops have long opening hours, and the Pickup parcel lockers provide 24 h access. Ask our sales representative for a detailed tracking of the parcels.
  • Well-known - displaying a well-known and acclaimed brand among the delivery options contributes to reliability in the eyes of the clients which makes it easier to receive confirmed orders from buyers across the border.
  • Freedom: by using Pickup service, the client receives the parcel at a time most convenient for them and there is no need to wait for the courier.
  • Safe: the recipient of the parcel is identified on the basis of a PIN code (with a signature at a parcel shop). The delivery of the consignment is confirmed electronically. The parcels are automatically insured in the sum of up to 265€ per parcel (it is also possible to have additional insurance of up to 13 000€ per consignment).


The overall dimensions and maximum weight of the parcels delivered to Pickup points





Max weight


8,5 cm

19 cm

60 cm

1 kg


8,5 cm

40 cm

60 cm

3 kg


18 cm

40 cm

60 cm

10 kg


37 cm

40 cm

60 cm

20 kg

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