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Receive a parcel

Once your parcel has reached the DPD Pickup point, you’ll be notified by SMS or e-mail.

Parcels are held at Pickup points for seven calendar days. If you haven’t collected your parcel by the third day you’ll be sent a reminder. After seven days the parcel will be returned to the sender.

Receiving parcel from parcel locker or parcel robot

Parcels are issued on the basis of a PIN code

Receiving parcel from parcelshop

Parcels are issued on the basis of a PIN code (or personal ID if you don’t know the PIN). If a friend or family member goes to the DPD parcel store to collect the parcel on your behalf, they’ll need to know the PIN (or have personal ID on them) as well as the parcel number and the name of the recipient. 

Cash-on-delivery parcels

Cash-on-delivery parcels can be paid for at DPD Pickup terminals by card and in parcelshops in cash. Note: the cash-on-delivery service is not available with parcel robots and Starship robot couriers.


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