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Fuel Surcharge

Additional fuel surcharge is implemented to DPD products and services upon the conditions of fluctuating fuel prices for transparent fuel costs.





10,98 %


10,3 %


8,77 %


8,66 %


7,45 %


8,65 %


  • The basis for the additional fuel cost is the price of the diesel fuel that is on sale in Estonia in Circle K Eesti AS stations.
  • Additional fuel cost is calculated as follows: diesel fuel cost rate (average diesel fuel retail price of previous month compared the diesel base price) is multiplied by the coefficient 0.35* and the result is added to the fuel surcharge base of 0.00%.
    *Coefficient reflects the effect of fuel retail price changes on the price of products and services.
  • DPD shows the additional fuel rate on web site latest on the third working day of the next month. Fuel surcharge is added to the service bill’s net amount (sum without turnover tax)
  • Diesel base price: 1.039 euros / litre that corresponds to the fuel surcharge base of 0.00%.
  • DPD has the right to change the bases of diesel fuel price calculation without informing about it in advance.