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Interconnector integration

Interconnector is a REST-based web service to integrate information systems of DPD clients, which through POST requests allows using such DPD services as transmitting shipment information, package pickup query, printing parcel labels, etc.


Basic functionalities

  • To create all of Estonia’s domestic and international shipments, print parcel labels.
  • DPD Pickup sending.
  • Supports all extra services (for example cash on delivery service, express services) offered by DPD.
  • Submitting Estonia’s domnestic or international collection request from another party. For example from the supplier or a return query from the client.

Shipment creation process

  • Choose a suitable service.
  • Fill in the necessary fields and submit the request.
  • Print the parcel label.
  • Close the service manifest.

How to start with Interconnector?

  • To estimate the time and size of the development, please download the manual.
  • For testing, You have to ask for a test account from Your DPD sales representative or contact: [email protected]. The base link for testing is:
  • Depending, whether you need B2C or B2B functionality, follow the chapter 4 or 5 in the manual for testing and deployment. It is also possible to implement CR (collection request from a 3rd party customer) and tracking of the parcels.
  • If You are happy with Interconnector and wish to start using it, You need to sign a contract with us.
  • For LIVE solution, a user name and a password is needed, which will be given to You by Your DPD sales manager or [email protected], who will also activate the required services for You.
  • For any technical questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Interconnector manual