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Parcel delivery all over Croatia

DPD CLASSIC implies quick and reliable "door to door" delivery all over Croatia.

DPD CLASSIC includes the following benefits:


  • Standard delivery time just next day.
  • Includes insurance of up to 520 € per parcel, Higher insurance available.
  • Three delivery attempts.
  • Online proof of delivery, including recipient's confirmation of receipt (P.O.D.) on the Internet.

In addition to these basic features we offer a range of supplementary services. This building block principle enables you to ship your parcels exactly in line with your requirements.


Here you can download Delivery schedule to the islands:

Here you can download Delivery schedule for the places we do not deliver every day:



Special handling for parcels that are addressed to Pelješac and Dubrovnik and its surroundings

With the accession of Croatia to the European Union, with 01 July 2013, all shipments that pass through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Neum) on Pelješac and in Dubrovnik, whose value does not exceed 10,000EUR are not obligated to make customs declarations.
 The sender is nevertheless obliged (in order to maintain the customs status of the EU - domestic goods) in addition to shipments to submit documents proving the customs status of the EU (T2L document). Such documentation may be in the form of an invoice or other commercial transportation dispatch.


Required documentation must include the following information:


  • Full name and address of the sender.
  • Number, type, tag and reference number of the package (which year, a lot ...)
  • Description of the goods.
  • Weight - gross weight in kg.
  • Value of shipments.
  • Packet label.

Here you can find the list with ZIP codes and places for which you need T2L documentation:


Here you can download T2L form:

T2L_eng.pdf 58,66 kB