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EKAER – Electronic Road Transportation Control System

According to DPD General Contractual Terms of business parcel can be shipped by DPD up to 50 kg. Thus EKAER number might be needed for parcels over 40 kg weight.

According to the new law for postal shipment services postal shiomenst are exemptions from submissions of data for EKAER.

Postal shipment: if 40 kg weight not exceeded AND the packaging OR the list attached to the shipment has address on it.

Since the law not specifies if parcels shipped to one consignee has to be added (by weight and value), individual parcels need correspond to postal shipment requirements. More than one parcel could be sent to one recipient if weight of each parcel is under 40 kg limit.

Domestic transportation of own goods; or between own stations

Shipments to end-users (individual or company)

If case of transporting is not to end-users, but one shipment, from one sender to one recipient does not exceed 2500 kg gross weight AND net value of 5 million HUF.

Weight of goods does not exceed 500 kg gross weight and their value net of tax does not exceeds 1 million HUF. Regulations for risky goods available here:

Sending parcel to end-users if NOT a postal shipment (see above).

Total weight and value to be considered as:

  • from one sender
  • to one consignee
  • in one single delivery (with one vehicle)

DPD will provide you with vehicle licence plate number, but submitting must be performed by our Partners via online form, available here:

DPD doee not stand for filling the licence plate number in EKAER system for Partners, neither can be given DPD as data modifier in this registering system.

Please send us your request for vehicle licence plate number to [email protected] with the following data:     

  • DPD parcel label number
  • Data of sender (sender's address, zip code)     
  • Data of consignee (address, zip code)     
  • Data of goods  (not risky goods, not risky foodstuff, other risky goods)      
  • Date of picking order

We will provide you with the licence plate number (in case of any changes in number due to technical issues) from this email address as well.

More information about IT rules:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in email: [email protected]

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