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DPD Air Express Service

From now on our customers can use DPD Air Express delivery to Europe, USA, China and other areas around the Globe. The list of destinations includes 220 countries and territories. We are excited for having an exclusive partnership with Chronopost International. This partnership ensures smooth shipping process, selects various international airlines for air transportation, performs customs clearance and other procedures.

  • Check out our parcel shipping terms for useful information how to prepare international parcels;
  • We believe in an individual approach to each of our customer, so you will get more detailed information from our sales team members soon. In order to urgently receive an individual offer, please contact your DPD sales manager or email us at [email protected]. This way we could conclude an additional agreement on these services.


  • Fast parcel delivery to more than 220 countries, to most of EU countries parcels are delivered within two days.
  • One-stop-shop cooperation (the same contract and only one invoice for all domestic and international services)
  • Flexible pricing
  • Parcel real-time tracking
  • Customs clearance is included into the price 
  • Standard Airline liability + 50 EUR additional insurance until 31st December 2019

You can choose from the following options in conjunction with DPD Air Express:

Only contractual clients can use DPD Air Express Services. To be contractual client – most convenient option for shipping larger quantities or for frequent deliveries. 

Parcels can be delivered to more than 220 countries!


DPD Air Express service is provided only to the customers who has valid contract with DPD Lithuania! 
All parcels shipped outside the EU will be subject to customs procedures. Customs formalities are taken care of by DPD's partner Chronopost International, France. The cost of customs procedures is already included in the shipping cost of DPD Air Express. The Sender is responsible for the complete and orderly preparation of the shipments of exported items.

How to send a parcel with DPD Air Express?


To European Union countries: 

  1. Pack in accordance with the Regulations of Shipments Delivery 
  2. Mark the label (-s) with DPD labeling tool.
  3. Submit an order

Parcels to EU are shipped in the normal manner according to shipping delivery rules.


To other countries (outside the European Union) shipments should be sent as follows:

  1. Pack in accordance with the Regulations of Shipments Delivery 
  2. Mark the label (-s) with DPD labeling tool.
  3. Prepare the documents (more information below)
  4. Submit an order


All documents must be placed in a transparent case or a special envelope and firmly fixed to each package. The documents must be fixed in such a way that they will not slip off the entire journey - because of missing documents there will be no possibility to perform customs procedures, therefore the delivery of the parcel is delayed or it will even can be returned.


Mandatory documents:

  • Invoice (when the goods are sent for sale and have commercial value) or Proforma invoice (when the goods have no commercial value (e.g.: production samples, gifts)).

6 original counterparts of the signed and sealed document have to be prepared for each shipment. 5 out of 6 counterparts have to accompany the parcel. The invoices have to be prepared in English. It is recommended to print the invoices on the letter-headed paper. 
Parcels are delivered only under Incoterm DAP conditions. EORI code is required (optional for documents).


The example of invoice’s completion is available here: Invoice ir Proforma Invoice pildymo pavyzdys.doc 56.50 kB

The invoice template may be downloaded here: Invoice template.doc 38.50 kB


  • A copy of the Export declaration (MRN) only if the Sender opens the export declaration in Lithuania. The export declaration must be closed only by DPD partner Chronopost International, France. If no export declaration is added, a full customs procedure will be carried out.

An export declaration is required for goods with a value greater than EUR 1000.

The customer may start the export procedure in Lithuania for lower value goods.

When the export declaration is processed in Lithuania, please indicate "Customs exit point" - Chronopost International, 9 Rue du Haut de Laval, 95709 Roissy, France. Customs office code FR00677A.


Optional documents:

Documents required for a specific product group, documents required for customs tax relief, specific documents specified by the Recipient country (certificate of origin, declarations, EUR1, ATR1, etc.).


If more than one parcel is sent regularly to some particular receiver in the non-EU Member State, contact the Sales Department by email: [email protected] or phone: +370 5 210 67 66 and we will advise how to prepare the parcels and minimize the shipment costs optimally.

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