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The export declaration. Required for goods worth over 1,000 €.

The export declaration is required for countries outside of the EU for all shipments of goods which have a value of over 1,000.- €. If the value is higher than 3,000.- € the shipment has to be cleared in advance by the responsible customs office.

For the export declaration there is a standardised form which is available, for example, from the chamber of commerce. The form consists of three pages which have to be submitted complete to the customs office of export. After clearance Page 1 is retained there for purposes of recording the data, Page 2 goes to the national department of statistics and Page 3 is released to the consignor.

For a number of entries it is necessary to provide key numbers or other codes. If you do not know these key numbers you can download lists here which will provide you with the necessary information.

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