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DPD Latvia is part of the DPD Group, Europe's largest onshore supply network. Together in DPD we have prepared for Brexit. Below are some key steps to help you make sure you're ready for Brexit.



By the end of 2020, the implementation period for the exit agreement will run. During the 11-month implementation period - until the end of this year - European Union law will continue to apply. There will be no practical impact on British or Latvian citizens, businesses or delivery terms.

Are You ready for any Brexit scenario?

  1. Have You assessed the impact of “no deal“ Brexit for Your business?
  2. Have You made agreement on DAP service of “Incoterms“ with Your customers?

1. If you haven't done so already, apply for an EORI number, if you do not currently ship goods outside the EU.

To export goods outside the EU, economic operators need to register an EORI number. EORI - Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number is a unique identification number assigned by the customs authorities to an economic operator or other person for registration in the customs territory of the Union. For more information click here.

2. Start looking up HS (Harmonisation) codes for the products that you wish to export from the EU.

These HS codes are also known as Commodity Codes. These codes let Customs know what your product is, and what VAT or Duty rate to charge for the goods. If you have a number of different products to sell, you should start compiling these codes now. Information about HS codes here.

3. Ensure that you are capturing email and mobile numbers for all of your consignees. 

Contacts will be critical to each shipment travelling between Latvia and UK and UK and Latvia. The contact details will be used to communicate with your customers to make them aware of any taxes and duties payable. If we don’t receive these details in the consignment information, we will not be able to process the shipment.

4. If you're exporting from Latvia to North Ireland or Great Britain, you'll need an SPRN Number.

What is an SPRN Number?

SPRN means Small Parcel Registration Number. SPRN is applicable for parcels, which value not exceed 135 £. It relates to exports from Latvia to North Ireland and Great Britain.

Why do I need an SPRN Number?

If you provide us with your SPRN Number in your shipping data, your consignee will not be billed for any UK VAT. Rather, HM Customs will bill you directly. Billing will not commence until October 2019 - billing raised in October will retrospectively cover all shipments dispatched from October 31st onward (in the event of a Hard Brexit).

How can I get my SPRN Number? 

An SPRN Number is a mandatory requirement for all shipments travelling to North Ireland and Great Britain from Latvia. You can get SPRN number here.


For further information please contact Sales Department via email at [email protected] or phone: 67387286

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