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Collection Request

Shipment pick-up from an address different than the applicants address (Collection Request). 

When applying for a Collection Request, please take into account:

  • using programs Self Service Application (SSA) or, shipment Collection Requests can be made only for the next working day;
  • shipment collection request window can be used only for parcel pick-up requests from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other European countries;
  • in case of pallet collection request from Latvia, please register it in online form "Collection Request" in our website;
  • it is required to indicate the weight of the shipment, otherwise in the event of disagreement, the invoice can be exhibited for maximum weight (31.5 kg) for each parcel;
  • in order to pick-up shipments on the next business day, orders must be made on the current day till 15:00;
  • customers, who do not use SSA or programs, will still be able to make Collection Request via the online form "Collection Request" in our website;
  • customers, who want to apply for Collection Request on the current day in Latvia, will be able to apply for courier using the online form "Collection Request" or by phone +371 67 060 519, but in this case, the sender will have to manually fill in labels and he will be charged for additional processing of manual labels - 1.50 EUR + VAT for each parcel.

Shipment pick-up order (Collection Request) - shipments collection from a different address in Latvia and Europe with delivery to the indicated address in Latvia.

  • Shipments up to 31,5 kg from: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain;
  • Standard pallets from: Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland; collection and delivery times can be found here >>
  • Collection during working day on the specified date, if the order is made on the previous working day till 15:00.
  • If the order has been made for the current day for shipment collection in Latvia, you will receive additional fee for labels additional processing.



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