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Double labels

When you are packing your shipment, please pay attention if there are not two labels on the packaging.

Most often such situations occur when re-using previously used boxes, on which have been left labels from previous senders.

We would like to bring to your attention, that in case, if on the packaging are several parcel labels, the parcel might be sent to the wrong recipient.

Example of situation:

The sender packs his shipment in previously used box, but does not check whether on the box is another label. The sender puts the new parcel label with his recipients address, and gives the shipment to the courier. When scanning all shipments in DPD terminal, for this particular shipment the old label is scanned. As a result the shipment is delivered to a different address to another recipient.


  • if the shipment is delivered another recipient, which was indicated on the other (old) label, not always we will be able to find and to retrieve this shipment, as a result it might be registered as lost;
  • if the shipment is retrieved, then the recipient will receive it later than expected.

From 15th October, 2014, in cases when double labels will be detected on packaging, the sender can be applied with surcharge of EUR 35.00.

If you want to make the appropriate changes to the Annex of your contract, then contact the DPD Sales Department by phone 67 387 286 or send an e-mail to [email protected].   

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