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Доставка в субботу

Saturday delivery is an opportunity for you to deliver your product on Saturday.
DPD Latvia offers three different Saturday delivery options:

  1. Delivery to Pickup network
  2.  Courier delivery
  3.  Courier delivery + additional loader

According to a study by DPD Group in 2018, 80% of e-store users would be happy to return and shop again if the user had the opportunity to receive the shipment on Saturday, as the customer is more likely to be at home during the day.




Базовая цена + 1.00 EUR

25 крупнейших города и области

Базовая цена + 2.00 EUR

Остальная часть Латвии

Базовая цена + 4.00 EUR

Литва (Вильнюс, Каунас)

Базовая цена + 50% от базовой цены


Базовая цена + 50% от базовой цены



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