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The latest news about the Brexit is that it has been delayed until 31 October 2019, with the UK being given the opportunity to leave the EU at any point between now and then. While this means you have more time to prepare, don't get caught out: it could still happen at any given moment. Therefore, it remains vital to be 'Brexit-ready'. DPD will help you to prepare properly.

In DPD's new head office in Oirschot, a Bonded Warehouse has been set up so that your parcels can be checked quickly and will go through customs easily.  New Brexit proof label tools are rolled out, contracts have been concluded with specialist parties and the range of services has been defined.

Should there be any news about our offer for you, as well as news about the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU, you can expect a new update on this page.

Of course you can call on our expertise about the possibilities after a hard Brexit. Below we have placed some documents for your benefit:


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DPDgroup is #2 parcel carrier in Europe and #1 cross-border road-based parcel network: we are proud of this position which we have achieved thanks to you and the trust you've place in us. DPDgroup is committed to carry on being your key partner, delivering the best possible delivery experience to both you and your customers.

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