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DPD Integration Services

Customised integration

At the current time, we are able to offer the following services that will enable you to establish a direct link with your ERP or eCommerce solution: 

Login Service
A generic service that enables you to log-in and gain access to other services.

Shipment Service
The Shipment Service generates a PDF label based on the latest route specifications. Updates are no longer necessary and the MPSEXPDATA needed is generated automatically. As a result, we know that your package is on its way to us straight away.

Depot Service

Up-to-date information from every DPD depot all of the time.

ParcelshopFinder Service

Would you like to have the option of delivery to a parcel shop? This service provides you with a list of the closest Pickup parcel shops.

ParcelLifeCycle Service

Would you like to be able to track your package? This service enables you to request the status of a package at any time.

For technical documentation, see: DIS wiki. You will see a number of ready-made code examples too.

Would you like more information about DPD Integration Services? Please don't hesitate to contact us.