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Shipping guide. Securely packaged, delivered fast.

If you package your parcel correctly, we can ensure that it reaches the recipient securely and fast. Here are some helpful notes. 

1. The shipping label

Affix all labels and stickers on the top of your parcel, the side with the largest surface area. This counts for the parcel label and your own address label, if used, the COD instructions and the parcellabel. Place the stickers as close together as possible, without overlapping. Ensure that the delivery label is not obscured by any string, tape or markings.

2. Recipient’s address

Ensure that the recipient’s address is legible, and correctly placed on the parcel.This may not be a P.O. box address. Woud you like to send a national or international Express-service parcel? If so, we also ask you to fill in a telephone number for the recipient.

3. General packaging

It is important that the packaging is suitable for the weight of the content, so that your items are well protected during transport. The packaging must also be suitable for automatic sorting machines. We do not accept parcels which are bound together, because the packages should form a whole and cannot shift relative to each other..

4. Foil

Have you used foil for your parcel? Ensure that it lies completely flat over the delivery label. If you would like to know whether the label scan still be clearly read, let us test the foil before you use it. Then you can be sure that nothing stands in the way of fast transport. Please do not hesitate to contact your DPD depot.

5. International shipping

We are happy to send you shipping envelopes for your customs and shipping documents free of charge.

6. Maximum weights and measurements

The maximum weight for a parcel 3.,5 kg. The total size of a parcel must not exceed 300 cm. The total size is calculated as length + 2x width + 2x height.