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Latest press releases
08 | 2008 - DPD opens three further depots in Russia

CEP service provider DPD has now expanded its network in Russia to thirty locations. The three recently opened depots in Novokuznetsk, Orenburg and Astrakhan enable DPD to serve all of Russia's regions with a comprehensive service portfolio, ranging from DPD CLASSIC to Express shipping. As is the case in Germany, this means that in Russia, too, DPD remains true to its strategy of operating close to the customer on a regional basis. "We open our depots just where our customers need them," confirms Nikolay Voinov, General Director of DPD in Russia. With success: the company has already received a number of awards for its activities!

08 | 2008 - DPD expands network to Romania

Bucharest/Aschaffenburg, August 21, 2008 – DPD is further expanding its business in Eastern Europe: the Romanian courier and express parcel service company Pegasus is now part of the DPD network. At a press conference Arnold Schroven, CEO of DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG and Pegasus CEO James Gray-Cheape announced de-tails of the collaboration. Pegasus is one of the most successive Roma-nian CEP service providers.


As one of the world's leading parcel and express service providers, GeoPost has been well established for several years in the core European countries with its international brand DPD and is continuing to expand its network in the direction of Eastern Europe. Today DPD has the strongest road network throughout Europe. Arnold Schroven stresses, "Due to our clear growth strat-egy, more and more franchisees are deciding to operate under the DPD brand and benefit from our international size."


Pegasus has 74 depots and a workforce of 200 in Romania. The company works together with around 250 service providers. Every day more than 6000 parcels are delivered throughout Romania. Pegasus was the first company to offer a door-to-door delivery service in Romanian towns and cities.


As a result of the introduction of the DPD standard, DPD CLASSIC services are also now available in Romania. These are a reliable and efficient solution for the simple dispatch of items within Europe. The services comprise defined delivery times, rapid transport handling and offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

06 | 2008 - DPD extends its market leadership in the Baltic region

Double-digit growth rates and major expansion of the network – new depot opens in Klaipeda


Aschaffenburg / Klaipeda, 23. 06. 2008 – In 2007 DPD increased the number of shipments the parcel and express service provider transported to the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by 40 per cent to around ten million. In doing so the subsidiary of the French GeoPost Group expanded its CEP market share in the Baltics from 23 to 28 per cent. In domestic shipping within the Baltic States the three companies DPD Latvija, DPD Lietuva and DPD Eesti have a market share of as much as 46 per cent. "DPD has tripled its parcel volumes in the Baltic region since 2004," confirms Arnold Schroven, CEO of the international DPD organisation.


In order to cope with this healthy growth in volumes DPD opened a further parcel distribution centre in western Lithuania as recently as May of this year. The depot is located in the free-trade zone of the port of Klaipeda and is intended specifically to handle the rising volumes of international shipments which arrive here by sea and by rail from all around the world. The reason for this is that logistically Klaipeda has a dual function: on the one hand it is Lithuania's only commercial port, and secondly it has an important rail link which leads via Vilnius, Minsk and Kiev to the Ukrainian port of Odessa (a distance of 1734 km covered in 55 hours). In addition it links up with an important trans-European road corridor (IXB) which connects the countries around the Baltic with the Black sea region. The significance of Odessa and its hinterland connections is increasing because maritime links with Turkey and other countries in Central Asia have expanded dramatically since the political opening up of the Russian Federation.


"DPD is integrating itself more and more into global logistics chains," explains Mr Schroven. "For example at the new DPD sorting centre in Klaipeda we ensure that parcels which arrive by container from Asia are sorted as fast as possible and then distributed throughout the entire Baltic region." The DPD sorting centre in Klaipeda has a total of 46 loading bays and its current capacity is 2,000 parcels an hour, which can however be expanded substantially.


Overall DPD has established a rapidly growing network in the Baltics, based on an operational infrastructure featuring three hubs, 29 depots and a fleet of 540 vehicles. Within the three countries DPD has a workforce of 750 employees backed up by self-employed transport operators. In Riga the company opened the largest sorting centre of the whole Baltic region only last year, with a sorting capacity of 6,000 parcels an hour.

04 | 2008 - John Acton appointed Managing Director of DPD

The British marketing expert joins Arnold Schroven in the management of DPD GmbH


Aschaffenburg, 18 April 2008 – The supervisory board of DPD GmbH, Aschaffenburg, announces the appointment of Briton John Acton (43) to Managing Director of the international provider of standard and express parcel services. After the departure of CEO Hans Fluri in March this means that the top management of the international franchise organisation has been completed from within the company's own ranks. At the head of the DPD franchise system Mr Acton will form a two-man team with Arnold Schroven, who is also at the helm of DPD GeoPost (Deutschland).


"In terms of personality and his many years of experience with DPD and GeoPost John Acton is ideally qualified to make a strong contribution towards the continued international development of the company," confirms Paul-Marie Chavanne, Supervisory Board Chairman at DPD and CEO of the company's majority shareholder GeoPost. In addition to his appointment as Managing Director of DPD Mr Acton is Chief Marketing and Strategic Accounts Officer at GeoPost, and is a member of the Direction Générale of GeoPost, the worldwide express and parcels subsidiary of France's La Poste.


John Acton has over 13 years experience in the Parcel and Express industry.
In 1995 he became Marketing Manager at DPD's British partner Parceline, which this year adopted the DPD brand in full. In 2004 he became Chief Marketing and Strategic Accounts Officer at GeoPost in Paris. In recent years he has been responsible for DPD's brand strategy and has made a major contribution to the continuous expansion of the company's uniform brand profile within the DPD network. More and more franchise partners, including those in the Baltic states, Poland and Russia recently, are taking advantage of the high profile enjoyed by the DPD brand. "This reinforced brand presence within Europe is an essential pillar of DPD's international growth strategy," explains John Acton. "I am relishing the challenge to help drive the continued success of this great business." The new DPD boss is married and has four children.

03 | 2008 - DPD launches www.neuzustellung.de service portal

Consignees can now arrange the repeat delivery of their shipments right round the clock


Aschaffenburg, 31 March 2008 – Consignees who are not located at home when DPD delivers their parcel can now provide new delivery instructions flexibly and conveniently via the recently launched portal www.neuzustellung.de. A range of options is available here, enabling them at any time to arrange for their parcel to be delivered to a different address or to a DPD Parcel-Shop, for example, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Delivery on a different date is also possible.


After an unsuccessful delivery attempt the www.neuzustellung.de service portal gives consignees the opportunity to arrange the next delivery to their individual requirements, without being dependent on business hours. If instructions are given by midnight the repeat delivery will as a rule be made as early as the following day. Delivery to a different address – for example to the consignee's place of work or to a different town – is just as possible as delivery on any date which the consignee selects. Alternatively parcels can also be redirected to a DPD Parcel-Shop and collected from there.


This service once more demonstrates DPD's customer focus in both the business and private sectors. The service benefits shippers and their consignees to an equal degree, because thanks to the new portal goods reach their destination even faster and more reliably. The online service is simple to operate, only takes a few minutes and requires no registration. Among German parcel service providers this DPD facility is unique.


The basis for redirecting a shipment is the parcel notification number, also a new development, which appears on the delivery notification card that is left in the consignee's letter box. Of course it will continue to be possible for customers to arrange repeat deliveries by phone. And if consignees don't decide to take advantage of this new option for organising the repeat delivery of their parcels themselves, DPD will as usual make its maximum of three delivery attempts.

03 | 2008 - DPD registers strong growth in its Express-Services and continues expansion of its express portfolio

60 per cent growth and 15,000 new express customers over the past year – Express-Services now go international


Aschaffenburg, 13 March 2008 – In 2008 DPD, the provider of standard and express parcel services, is continuing the offensive on the express market which it began last year. After establishing a comprehensive and high-performance express service in Germany in 2007, international express routes are now gradually being launched, starting with the Benelux countries. From May DPD customers will be able to ship express parcels to and from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, taking advantage of a range of supplementary services in the process. The same service options are available within these countries, and further neighbouring states to Germany will be linked in the course of this year.


"The Express-Services we launched in 2007 featuring deliveries at 8.30 hrs, 10.00 hrs, 12.00 hrs or 18.00 hrs and backed up by a range of service options made a tremendous start," says Arnold Schroven, Chief Executive Officer of DPD GmbH & Co.KG. "We've acquired 15,000 new express customers, and shipment volumes have risen by 60 per cent." For 2008, too, DPD's CEO expects double-digit growth rates.


Mr Schroven is especially pleased by the fact that "with a 99.6 per cent rate for punctually delivered express shipments our performance level reached an absolute quality peak from the very beginning." He adds that the groundwork for this had been put into place by DPD in recent years in the form of a gradual and targeted expansion of its network. This is able to ship even time-critical goods fast and reliably thanks to direct transport links between almost all of its German depots. "In future, too, the quality of our services will be the principal benchmark in the expansion of our product range," states Mr Schroven. "This is why further express links to new countries will be thoroughly tested and optimised before they come on stream step by step."

02 | 2008 - DPD GeoPost (Deutschland) has new CEO

Arnold Schroven succeeds Hans Fluri, who will join another company


Aschaffenburg, 12 February 2008 – Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO of the GeoPost Group, has appointed Arnold Schroven to the post of CEO of DPD GeoPost (Deutschland) GmbH & Co. KG. His predecessor Hans Fluri is leaving the company to take up a position with another a major international corporation.


DPD, which leads the German market in B2B parcel shipping, has increased its market share significantly in recent years. With the expansion of its domestic and international service portfolio it has set new benchmarks for the DPD brand and within the industry.


As someone with many years of experience both in the company and the industry, Arnold Schroven will continue the successful growth strategy of DPD in Germany.


Mr Schroven has been closely involved with DPD since 1992 and during 14 years in top management has made a decisive contribution to the development of the international DPD franchise system in the areas of franchise development, operations, IT systems and strategic key account management. He will remain CEO of DPD GmbH & Co KG.


"His professional approach and constant commitment to developing DPD GmbH & Co. KG into one of the leading providers of parcel services in Europe put him in an ideal position to meet the challenges facing GeoPost in Germany," states Paul-Marie Chavanne, CEO of the parent company GeoPost and Chairman of the DPD GmbH & Co. KG Supervisory Board.


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