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Parcel shipping with DPD: how to keep it brilliantly simple.

The whole point is to keep shipping easy. The following checklist will keep everything running smoothly for your deliveries.

  • Packaging: make sure it’s strong and secure enough to withstand automated sorting and transport.
  • Exclusions from shipment: check here.
  • Other restrictions: we deliver parcels that weigh up to 40 kg - for domestic deliveries and 31.5 kg - for international deliveries.
  • Maximum accepted dimensions are: up to 300 cm in total (girth, i.e. circumference + width). The longest side may not exceed 175 cm.

If you’re not sure about your parcel, the DPD girth and volumetric weight calculators will tell you how you’re doing.

For detailed information about goods excluded from shipment and about shipping with DPD please see our Terms and Conditions.