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Getting a parcel


Send off parcels from anywhere

Simply prepare your parcel then have it picked up. For creating a pickup order you can access MyDPD (user necessary - click for instructions) or contact Customer Service (0318249090 or [email protected])

Sending a parcel


Call a courier



You decide when and where we make the delivery.

MyDPD is an online platform provided by DPD, which allows users to generate transport documents that are used for sending parcels



  • DrivingChange™

    Every day we connect people and businesses through our activity. Through a pragmatic approach, we offer simple and flexible solutions to our clients and at the same time, we bring a positive impact into the society and environment. To achieve all of these goals and to have a positive influence all around us, we launched our new CSR program, DrivingChange™.

  • 4 axes

    Focusing on 4 axes, we will bring important changes in our activity and not only. Our focus will be on:

    Carbon neutral commitment

    Smart urban delivery

    Closer communities

    Innovative entrepreneurship

  • Find out more

    Find out more about our commitment in CSR, from our DrivingChange™ special website.

    "We believe in being a responsibile partner to the people, businesses and communities we work closely with." - DPDgroup