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Reliably and quickly to any address in Slovakia.

Need to deliver a package in Slovakia for the next working day? Take DPD CLASSIC service. 

If your shipment is urgent, you can take express services DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00 and DPD 18:00, which provide package delivery the next working day up to a certain hour.

If you need a delivery of your shipment to the consignee during weekend, you can use the product Saturday Delivery.

In the case of consignment to the private address can be used DPD Home service, which provides a number of benefits to the beneficiary and practical tools, simplifying delivery. 

By means of the DPD Wine Logistics service you can safely ship wine or sparkling wine in special cardboard packagings of different sizes.

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You can reach more than 230 countries around the world. With DPD.

DPD CLASSIC parcel usually reaches its destination within Europe in only 1-9 days. And to help your international parcels along the way, there is a comprehensive range of tools and information relating to international shipping on our website.

Whether you’re using DPD GUARANTEE your shipments will arrive quickly and safely.

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Most cost-effective delivery with DPD.

Do you need to send your parcel and don’t want to be dependent on courier’s arrival? You can bring your parcel to any of the Pickup and take advantage of special pricing for sending shipments of Pickup. Package of Pickup can be sent to any address in the Slovak Republic or the next DPD ParcelShop or to choosen countries in Europe. 

Packing tips

How to pack parcels which make everybody happy - including us.

This is how you do it:

  • 1


    To make sure that all the contents remain intact it's best to use cushioning material: soft padding for light goods and harder padding for heavy stuff. Pack the goods in such a way that nothing can move around inside the parcel, and to finish off reinforce the edges of the box with adhesive tape. 

  • 2

    Parcel label

    The label is stuck on the upper surface, because this is the largest area and because this is what people and machinery are used to. Please make sure that the parcel label is not covered in any way – either by string, markings or other stickers. 

    You should write the name, telphone number, address and postcode on the parcel label legible. And if everything is written in clearly readable block capitals, then nothing can go wrong.

  • 3

    Parcel contents

    There are some things that can't be shipped. All the things that aren't permitted are listed in our prohibited goods. 

Why DPD?

Our parcels are well received.

By the environment, too.

  • DrivingChange™

    We believe in being a responsible partner to the people, businesses and communities we work closely with. DrivingChange™ is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Change of delivery

    Not at home? No problem. Change the day and place of delivery at the click of a mouse. 

  • Safety

    Your parcel is in safe hands with us and is well insured. Includes insurance of up to 2 500 € per parcel and up to 520 € in international shipment.