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Certified environmental management: ISO 14001

The DPD environmental management system was certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 for the first time in 2011 and covers the company's entire organisation. With the aim of a centrally specified environmental policy it ensures the optimisation of the company's environmental performance on the basis of previously calculated and clearly defined sustainability targets.

Environmental aspects such as energy consumption, emissions, waste and waste water are covered, together with indirect factors such as monitoring the operations of the company's suppliers as well as relationships with these suppliers and the various stakeholders.

Regular in-house inspections, so-called internal audits, form the core of the environmental management system at DPD, together with the calculation of environmentally relevant key data.

Finally an external audit by independent auditors from Bureau Veritas assesses the functional capability of the environmental management system in all the relevant areas of the ISO 14001 norm.

At the same time the criterion of continuous improvement of the environmental management system is also examined, while the depth to which DPD's environmental policy penetrates the organisation is analysed, evaluated and documented.

  • ISO 14001: Certificates DPD (333.14 kB)

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