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Wine Logistics

It's been an excellent year for wine, the label on the bottle promises a great deal of pleasure, but the problem is, how can we get the precious liquid to the customer as quickly and safely as possible? For the optimum shipping of wine, sparkling wine and champagne DPD Austria offers its own specially developed wine logistics, because wine can't be transported in the same way as standard goods. Quite apart from the breakable nature of the bottles, in the case of wine the length and nature of the transport can have a decisive influence on the quality of the product. For this reason nothing should be left to chance in the choice of means of shipping.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Special reinforced cardboard for 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 and 18 bottles (each for 0,75l as well as with 6-, 12- or 18 bottle cardboard for 1l) and magnum bottles.
  • Cardboards for 1, 2, 3 bottles and magnums also suitable for shipping sparkling wine and champagne
  • Automatic transport insurance of € 520,- per parcel.
  • Pickup from consignor and delivery to any address in Austria within 24 hours, and with a standard delivery time of 36 - 72 hours to destinations within the EU
  • Gentle handling ensured by efficient modern conveyor equipment
  • No unnecessary storage or transport delays
  • Perfect control and parcel status monitoring provided by barcode numbering and track & trace

This special shipping service is ideal not just for wine producers and wholesalers, but also as a Christmas present service. If you wish to present your customers and business associates with a gift of wine over the festive season, there is no better way of organising the trouble-free and reliable transport of your gift from the retailer or storage facility to the consignee.

DPD wine logistics offers a form of shipping which is custom-designed for this fragile and delicate product, backed up by all the benefits of DPD's parcel logistics. DPD will of course provide you with the required quantity of wine cartons.

If you still have a question or would like further information, please contact your local DPD depot!