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Responsibility for our Employees.

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For DPD, each individual employee makes up the whole package.

Satisfied employees are more motivated, more efficient and healthier. Safety and staff development leads to fewer accidents, more efficient working and even to something else entirely: to greater happiness, greater well-being and a better feeling. This is a thousand times more important than any return on investment.

Different origins, different personalities and different knowledge and skills of the men and women who work for DPD enhance our company. Consequently, we place great emphasis on tolerance and mutual respect for this variety and diversity. Our employees are our greatest asset and therefore of paramount importance to us.

It is important to us that our employees have a sense of well-being in their work so that they can perform their tasks with passion and carry out their job in a well-informed and exemplary manner. It is essential that our employees have the opportunity for further training, self-development and to live their life in a healthy and responsible way. The company values should be shared in order to ultimately become one of the best in the industry.


DPD offers its employees workshops and further training courses through which our employees can develop their skills on three levels: qualifications, competences and specialist knowledge. More than 580 colleagues took advantage of these further training programmes in the last year, giving us the opportunity to inspire and foster their talent in order to ultimately create more happiness at work.

Marco Polo is a scheme that enables our employees to complete exchange programmes in DPD depots across Europe. Employees of DPD in Austria have spent the last two years in and around our network gaining insights into best-practice models in DPD depots across the whole of Europe. The aim is to learn from and with colleagues in the international DPD system, exchange experiences and invest in self-development.

As the health and well-being of our employees is a major concern, various activities have been organised in the individual depots - day hikes, cycling trips, company health care etc. This ensures healthy and happy employees.