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Responsibility for our Employees.

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For DPD every individual employee is an important part of the total package.

Content employees are more motivated, highly productive and healthier. Safety and personnel development leads to less accidents, efficient work and to something else: more joy, wellbeing and altogether to a better feeling about life. This is 1.000 times more important to us than return on Investment.

Different origins, diverse personalities and unequal knowledge and skills of women and men who work for DPD add to the company's identity. That's why tolerance and mutual respect is very important to us to keep this variety and diversity. Our employees are our greatest good and our very first priority.

For us it is important that our employees feel comfortable in their work environment, so that they can fulfil their tasks with passion and can do their job well informed and exemplary. For DPD it is essential that there is the opportunity for employees to improve their skills, work on themselves as well as live health-conscious and with a sense of responsibility. Together company values are being lived to in the end be one of the best in the industry.


The DPD GeoPost Academy offers seminars which enable staff at all levels, from stores personnel to management, to develop their individual skills. In the last year more than 160 colleagues used the offered seminars and gave us therefore the chance to help challenge and improve their talents to in the end create more joy at work.

Marco Polo is the name of a programme which enables staff to complete an exchange program in DPD depots all around Europe. In the last two years DPD employees from Austria were away within our network to get insights in best practice models of depots in Great Britain, Germany, Hungary and Italy. The aim is to gain further qualifications, exchange experiences and to learn more about oneself together with and from colleagues of the international DPD system.

Since the employees' health is close to our heart, health days were established in every depot. Our goal is to integrate health programs into the everyday work environment. DPD supports that among other things with fruit days, a healthy breakfast and the promotion of single initiatives like for example the step counter action.