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Responsibility for our Environment.

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DPD is aware of its special responsibility for the protection of our environment by e.g. constantly improving our own carbon footprint as well as our business partners' carbon footprint by an environmental-friendly use of resources and innovative and flexible solutions for delivery. Therefore since 2012 DPD Austria has been certified according to ISO 14001.

As a company working in the transport-intense logistics industry we have a special responsibility towards our environment. Continuous reduction of CO2 emissions as well as energy consumption in our locations are a matter of course to guarantee a responsible handling or our environment. Our company is also committed to avoiding waste and abiding to the recycling policy.


In DPD depots CNG vans are being used. Natural gas turned out to be a more environmentally friendly and feasible alternative to gasoline. We were able to reduce our CO2 emissions and our fuel costs by 25%.


The core of our sustainability measures is the DPD environmental database which gives us the chance to document the CO2 emissions and the consumption of resources clearly and in detail so that room for improvement can be noticed faster and more efficiently.

Besides transportation, the conveying equipment in the depots is the largest power consumer. After successful testing in one of our depots, DPD is now gradually exchanging old conveyors for new, frictionless models. By using this new technology the energy consumption for conveyors in the reference depot could be decreased by 31% so far.


To further decrease the power consumption DPD increases the usage of LED lights. To date up to 70% of all fluorescent tubes could be exchanged with LED tubes in several depots. In those depots we were and are able to save 33.000 kWh power per year.

EMILIA is the short term for „Electric Mobility for Innovative Freight Logistics in Austria“. It simply means that since 2014 DPD takes part in a research project about how electric and custom-built vehicles can make the freight transport in cities more environmentally friendly. There is going to be a new DPD City-HUP in the coastal town Aspern where parcels cover their "last mile" e.g. with E-Cargo bikes. Thus is the anticipated future of freight transport in urban regions. Furthermore parcels of conventional delivery routes are also already being delivered by electric vehicles.

Good packaging is important, nevertheless you can also consider the environmental impact. For that DPD has developed the SHUTTLE-BOX®. The nestable plastic boxes in four different sizes help to reduce packaging material that can only be used once.
In total aprox. 15.000 SHUTTLE-BOX® are used currently. With this initiative we have been able to save about one million one-way packages. 


For this product DPD Austria received the Hermes Verkehrs.Logistik.Preis in den category sustainability in 2015. This price is yearly given by the Federal Association for Transport & Traffic to companies that engage in environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient measures and processes.