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Simply prepare your parcel online at home and just drop it off at a Pickup parcel shop nearby.

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New –

The Pickup shipping boxes.

The DPD shipping box is available in three sizes (S, M, L), you can find it in selected Pickup Parcelshops.

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Web Parcel

Simply prepare your parcel online.

from 4.00€

DPD Web Parcel

Shiped today,
delivered tomorrow!

With DPD - the fastest parcel service provider in Austria!*

Check in your parcel on and pay for it online. Fast and safe. You'll get your parcel label (2D Code) via email on your smartphone and then just bring it to one of our 1,200 pickup parcel shops all over Austria. No print outs, no sticking glue. That is the most flexible parcel in Austria!

*according to a parcel test conducted by Industriemagazin, June 2016

The DIY parcel

All online: pay for your parcels and make them ready to send.

  • You get your parcel label via email to your smartphone.
  • Pay online or directly in your pickup parcel shop.
  • Predict – More freedom for your parcels. Your recipient can just change the inflight options of your parcel according to his/her needs with as well as track
    them in real time.
Hand in parcel

Ship your parcel from a Pickup parcelshop.

  • About 1.200 Pickup parcelshops
  • Personal service in your neighbourhood
  • Convenient hours of business
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Pickup parcelshop finder

Your next Pickup parcelshop is always nearby.

As a rule you'll always find one of our over 1.200 Pickup parcelshops offering personal service just around the corner. And many even open late, for all those who have more important things to do during the day.

How can we help you?

  • Returns: we send the parcel back for you
  • Shipping: handing in a parcel or a DPD Web Parcel
  • Taking delivery: have your parcel delivered to a Pickup parcelshop
Packing tips

How to pack parcels which make everybody happy - including us.

Packing a parcel the right way isn't rocket science, but there are always a few details that can be optimised. This is how you do it:

  • 1


    A robust ashlar-formed cardboard box is always a good start. Everything that has to go in also needs to fit. When there's nothing more sticking out everything is perfect. And to make sure that all the contents remain intact it's best to use cushioning material: soft padding for light goods and harder padding for heavy stuff. Pack the goods in such a way that nothing can move around inside the parcel, and to finish off reinforce the edges of the box with adhesive tape. That increases stability. Job done!

  • 2

    Parcel label

    The label is stuck on the upper surface, because this is the largest area and because this is what people and machinery are used to. Please make sure that the parcel label is not covered in any way – either by string, markings or other stickers. Everything perfect.

  • 3

    Parcel contents

    There are some things that can't be shipped, because they are either dangerous or illegal: for example grandfather's old pistol, mum's string of real pearls or that cute little puppy for your grandchild. All the things that aren't permitted are listed in our General Terms and Conditions. If you aren't sure it's best to check. So, that just about covers everything. Many thanks – your DPD Service.

City Hub



in urban space.


With the launch of our new City Hub – Maria-Tusch-Straße 11,
1220 Vienna, Seestadt Aspern – we, as the leading private
parcel service provider in Austria, give a strong impulse for innovative
logistics in urban space.
Including all the Pickup Parcelshop services!

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Our promise

Our parcels are well received.

By the environment, too.

  • Responsibility at DPD

    Our daily work is aimed at improving our carbon footprint and conserving natural resources no matter where – during delivery processes or in our Depots.

  • Delivery management

    Not at home? No problem. Change the day or place of delivery on at the click of a mouse.

  • Safety

    Your parcel is in safe hands with us and is well insured - up to 520 €, without additional cost. 


The first parcel 

with remote control.

Predict means – your parcel does not arrive eventually.
It offers you the possibility to define the day and the place
of the delivery, whatever suits you best.
We will inform you via email or sms about the day
of delivery. If that isn’t convenient, you can specify a
different day or place. You’re in charge of your shipment.

  • Delivery to one of about 1.200 Pickup parcelshops
  • Delivery to a different address – e.g. to your place of work
  • Delivery to a preferred neighbor
  • Give permission to deposit the parcel
  • Postponing the delivery by up to 6 days

On the day of delivery we inform you about the estimated
time window of up to 2 hours! With Predict, your Parcel does
not arrive eventually, it arrives whenever it is suitable for you.