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Boost your e-commerce

5 tips to increase your website conversion

We managed to pick the brain of Koen Verlaenen, experienced sales manager in the logistics sector, about 5 top tips to turn your webshop into a purring sales machine. Coming from an expert in the behaviour of Belgian e-shoppers and the European market, Koen’s advice will help you to establish yourself on the e-commerce market based on solid web shop performance. Whether you offer your product on the domestic market only or target an international public, these tips, in both cases, are guaranteed to boost your competitive advantage online.

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The basics of e-commerce

6 top tips on how to set up the ideal webshop

DPD fully subscribes to the importance of e-commerce. We also know how powerful an intelligent omnichannel strategy can be. That is why DPD invests in valuable and well balanced applications and research initiatives that help e-commerce to flourish even further. This is one of the reasons why we decided to become the proud sponsor of the first ever research-based e-commerce awards, an initiative launched by SafeShops in cooperation with the market research agency ‘WHY5Research’.  As part of this initiative, SafeShops conducted a survey among 500 e-shoppers in Belgium, asking them about their needs and preferences when purchasing products or services online. From the outcomes we personally selected the top 6 need-to-haves for any webshop to be successful in the digital shopping arena.

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