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Delivering when it's convenient – Predict by DPD.

In the past it wasn't always possible to deliver parcels at a convenient time. Drivers would ring the doorbell in vain, and consignees were only able to take delivery of their parcels with some delay and in inconvenient ways (picking them up from a neighbour or a collection point).

However, parcels now arrive when it's convenient – thanks to Predict by DPD.

Predict is an option which shippers can book with DPD. They can then offer the option as a new service which enables their customers to flexibly select the day of delivery. In addition, on the day of delivery itself customers are proactively informed about a concrete time window during which their shipment will arrive.  All of this guarantees a higher level of customer satisfaction, from which the shipper naturally benefits - as does DPD, because thanks to Predict we can avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts and operate in a resource-saving way.

  • The way it works is that when the parcel is scanned inbound at the recipient depot the consignee receives a message (by email and/or SMS), enabling him or her interactively to select the required day for the delivery from three suggested options – the next day, the day after next or the day after that.
  • If the customers doesn’t change the delivery time, the parcel will be delivered on the next day.
  • On the selected day of delivery the consignee is then proactively informed about the concrete time window in which the parcel will be delivered.
  • This added-value exclusively offered by DPD.

Higher level of flexibility, also with new delivery

Your customers isn’t at home on a selected delivery date? There are enough possibilities to select a new delivery date. It doesn’t matter if your customer would like to receive the parcel at another adress (f.ex. In his office), on another day or if the parcel has to be dropped (in a garage): Your customer has the choice with


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