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Delivery when it’s convenient. Predict by DPD

Increase your customer’s satisfaction with you as a shipper by offering them a unique new service. With Predict, the recipient can decide when a package can be delivered.

The recipient is informed of the delivery day on the date of despatch. If that date is convenient, then nothing else needs to be done. If the recipient cannot receive the package on the day stated, it can be arranged for the package to be delivered on one of the next three days. 

For more information, please contact your DPD salesperson or our customer service department.


The benefits of Predict at a glance:

The recipient decides on the day of delivery

On the date of despatch, the recipient is sent an SMS or email indicating the delivery date. If required, delivery can be delayed by up to three days. If we do not hear anything, then we will automatically deliver the next day (Monday – Friday).

The recipient is told the exact time window for delivery

On the required delivery date, the recipient receives an e-mail or SMS indicating a specific delivery window of up to 6 hours.

The shipper benefits from greater customer satisfaction

  • Because recipients can actively decide on the time of the delivery and can therefore plan their own time better, Predict provides added value in quite a specific way. The result is greater customer satisfaction – the recipient will be happy to order from the same shipper again.

Maximum flexibility – even with redelivery

If your customer is not available at the notified time, redelivery can be arranged. Either on a new date, to a different delivery address, it can be arranged for the package to be left somewhere (e.g. in the garage) or for it to be collected from a nearby Pickup parcelshop: your customer can choose with