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The requirements imposed by customs legislation are extensive and complex. Time is often wasted and avoidable customs duties are incurred. DPD employs a large team of specialists who can call on their extensive experience and expertise to ensure that the customs clearance process runs smoothly. The DPD customs experts offer tailor-made solutions guaranteed to save you time and money, regardless of how many parcels you are sending.

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  • Customs clearance at all major border crossing points
  • Customs clearance at ZRH or GVA airports
  • Customs clearance at an approved DPD location or the customer's premises
  • B2C customs clearance tax solutions (export and import)
  • Return customs clearance
  • Shipment processing
  • Customs clearance filing
  • Bulk customs clearance (multiple customs tariff numbers)
  • Automated collection of electronic tax assessment notices (via email or FTP server)
  • Various types of customs clearance: (direct, EU clearance, low-value, consolidated clearance)
  • Incoterms (DAP cleared, DAP not-cleared, DDP incl. duties, excl. VAT, DDP incl. duties and VAT)
  • Fiscal representation in France for EU customs clearance
  • Fiscal representation in Germany for EU customs clearance
  • Product tariffing