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Swiss companies exporting products to the European Union are at a disadvantage because of costly and time-consuming export procedures: The problem of being over the border, however, can be rapidly solved by a central warehouse located outside Switzerland, efficient customs clearance procedures and employees with extensive know-how. A wide range of additional services ensures that DPD LOGISTICS provides a tailored solution for almost any situation.

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  • Central warehouse in France for Swiss export companies
  • Storage, picking, return solutions, customs clearance, transport, package shipment
  • International and intra-European transport
  • Export and import customs clearance in France
  • Electronic logistics solutions
  • Fiscal representation in France
  • Import duties and cash flow optimisation
  • Multilingual staff (German, French, Italian, English)
  • Return logistics
  • Express picking + deliveries
  • Content checks
  • Temporary storage
  • Management of packaging and consumables
  • Special product preparation:
    - Repacking
    - Sorting into sets
    - Quality control
    - Shrinking
    - Label printing
    - Delivery notes
  • Picking by order or item