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Dear customers,

Due to capacity reasons, we do not accept orders for parcel transport with payment for transport (not for cash-on-delivery payment) by card/cash from 4 December to 31 December 2017. Transport orders with payment for transport by card/cash will not be processed in our depots, DPD CZ apps, by email or telephone. Our registered clients can continue to place orders for transport with the payment for transport on invoice.

From 6 December to 31 December 2017, we allow for only one change of address/date of delivery of your parcel. In the same time, it is not possible to select additional services of morning, afternoon and evening delivery, including the postponement of the delivery date. For such cases, we recommend you to use one of our Pickup Points.

Thank you for your understanding

Your DPD



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The Laws of Delivery


The DPDgroup company launched its online advertising campaign called the Laws of Delivery in twenty European countries. In eight funny videos, the company introduces its parcel transport services and products. It targets mainly the young generation aged from 18 to 39 that is used to shop online.

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