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SECURITY WARNING: Attempt to misuse DPD brand in fraudulent vehicle sale


To our great regret we have noticed an attempt to misuse the DPD brand. The case is the fraudulent private sale of vehicle from abroad to Czech Republic. DPD is shown there as the owner of an account on which the payments in advance should be sent, so these payments are claimed as sent to DPD. According to the fraudulent scenario, these money should be kept in DPD deposit and will be returned to the payer if he does not receive the car, or is not satisfied with the car.


WARNING: DPD CZ Ltd., as well as all the other companies within DPDgroup, does not provide such services and never were. We urgently warns you not to respond to such demands and not to make payments of this kind! DPD accepts no liability for any damage or loss which results from such payments. In such cases we advise you to report the matter to the police without delay.


If you are confronted by such demands or similar requests and are not sure if the relevant communications really come from DPD and are genuine, you can contact us at any time at [email protected].